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@elonmusk @Pontifex Zelensky is a Brutal Dictator Putin is a Brutal Dictator United States installed Porochenko in 2014 (Watch "Ukraine on Fire" by Oliver Stone) U.S. installed Zelensky after him Notice WEF/NWO/biden/etc NONE want Peace Talks WHY ??!! NO GOOD GUYS in this Ukraine MESS

@lmstineb @FredSkinnerPhD @CNN This is your President! Watch closely. You must be so proud. Now you don’t have to wonder why Putin attacked Ukraine now and not when Trump was President.

Ukraine war: Watch moment Boris Johnson mistakenly thanks Vladimir Putin via @dailytelegraph

@Luhansk @Donetsk @Zaporizhia @Kherson will vote yes to join #Russia tomorrow! What this means for us ! @Ukraine & the World Economic Forum will be destroyed! Russia will shut off the gas to Europe & create chaos & this green energy madness will end, Watch. #LasVegas #Vegas

@JamesCleverly #Hypocrisy #Maidan massacre 2014, proxy #American war! Watch Ukraine on Fire on YouTube by Oliver Stone explains everything. If #Lugansk #Kherson #Donbas #Donetsk #Mariupol vote to be part of #Russia they have that right. Unlike Northern Ireland where #UK murdered innocent people

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