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US citizens demanded that Washington stop aid to Ukraine https://t.co/C6sQMROYPx

@JoeyMRoma Of course they're not asking because Biden is in bed with Ukraine and they are all owned by communist China. The whole Biden family is corrupt. The sad part is everybody in Washington has known it for years and done nothing

@LindseyGrahamSC The only "facts" To be understood is YOU & the rest of Washington are pushing us to the brink of nuclear war, funding Ukraine & it's corruption is NOT a solution

(Washington Examiner):#NATO warns #Russia: Putin would 'regret' any use of nuclear weapons : Russian President Vladimir Putin would learn to “regret” any use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine, according to a senior officer in NATO’s .. https://t.co/PWDP8MyKTC

It’s like these hacks haven’t the slightest clue that it’s actually Putin who is holding back the Russian neoconservatives from all out seizure of Ukraine, Europe, and total nuclear war with Washington

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