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@Sockmai_PP @oleksandr_zhul @apmassaro3 @elonmusk @RenataKonkoly @BackAndAlive @serhiyprytulaWar in the eyes” What the fuck is this? 1) Russia invaded Ukraine and annexed it 2) Russian soldiers committed multiple war crimes and atrocities, marauded through temporary held territories 3) Russia mobilized ppl 4)lot’s mobilized as volunteers Yet Ukraine wants war 🙃

@elonmusk @StonksReddit @Podolyak_M where have you been for the last few months? Ukraine has BEEN at War.. Russia has been threatening Europe and US with Nukes..

@thebradfordfile @nailburke If state of emergency is still active in America, Guess who's still running the country. Jacinda Ardern our Tyrannical W.E.F Puppet, the Prime Minister of New Zealand, has not removed ours yet. It's like we have forgotten, given current events of War in Ukraine, coincidently.

Biden Does Not Want to Admit #US at War in Ukraine - Ex-Lawmaker https://t.co/Pkd0lYdbdx https://t.co/DQiiSNFpQ0

<in memoriam> The Sad fact and Reality is- IF Only 50% of the People on #Twitter that 'claim' to support #Ukraine took arms and joined the #UkraineWar I'm pretty sure the War would have ended in less than a Month! So You don't actually support Ukraine but the hypeTREND behind it!

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