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Boris Johnson is now spending the health and education money for the UK Scotland and Wales to fund Ukraine and if Canadians don't keep an eye on Trudope he will do the exact same thing. They want to destroy their countries to bring in their communist government. BoJo is robing the health and education funds of Scotland and Wales to send it to Ukraine

@BorisJohnson @WelshGovernment @PrifWeinidog We'd really love to believe you care about Ukraine, Wales or refugees. Unfortunately you have no credibility, just taking £35m from Wales budget giving them no option, just to save your skin. Why not use Russian & Ukranian oligarchs money

Boris has now blackmailed Scotland and Wales to raid their health and education funds so they can hand over that money to Ukraine. And NATO thinks they could go toe to toe with Russia ? Not in this lifetime.

(9) Take the Wales vs Ukraine game, I was so pissed because I love Ukraine plays. Ukraine plays more like 2012 Spain than current Spain itself. But maybe someone else would consider that Wales and their individual talents (Bale, williams, Henessey) deserved it.

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