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Russia's T-72 Tank Has a Crucial Vulnerability, Complicating Moscow’s Ukraine War | WSJ #Canada #Germany #America #Ukraine #Bakhmut

@JohnWil18086414 @WSJ its army and flood the rest of stupid Europe. Their nuclear weapons are millions of meat. They practiced it on Hitler and they are also starting this tactic in Ukraine. This is not a war between Ukraine and Russia, but the beginning of a world war between democracies and

@JohnWil18086414 @WSJ penetrated by Russia and heavily influenced by non-democratic people. And the Russians can send a million men with IIWW rifles and flood Ukraine - there won't be enough bullets to stop them all. It's already happening. Then there will be a few years of peace, Russia will rebuild

@JohnWil18086414 @WSJ In my opinion, the situation is hopeless. Russia will not use nuclear weapons - it will only threaten. However, I am afraid that Ukraine will lose, because the west does not have the resources to defend it. In addition, all democratic countries in Europe and America are

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