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@TulsiGabbard Ukraine/NATO are tools for quest to monoploize World energy reserves, a' la WEF.

@LDHMarketing @TalkTV It's not anti Ukraine people or citizens at all. My heart goes out to them. ZELINSKY is a different category. Ukraine was the most corrupt country prior to the war. An actor turned billionaire is your first clue #WEF is your 2nd clue. Signed vaxxed and awake .xox

@Anne_Marie_2 @sophiadahl1 Not only that he uses his wealth to fund the media to shape his narrative and that of the WHO and WEF which makes him even richer. You have to wonder where he goes now a certain Island is closed, Ukraine maybe?

@SkyNews I came here to see tinfoil conspiracy lunatics cry about this, I wasn't disappointed. Look at any profile (outside of russia) against Ukraine, and you'll notice one common thing. They all post conspiracy theories about vaccines, WEF, Bill Gates, 5G, etc. Pseudo intellectuals

@charliekirk11 Hmm let's see who perhaps the WEF maybe how about the Chinese or maybe Ukraine nah they couldn't control the president how about the climate nuts nah not them, Who then I've got no ideas sorry.

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