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#Ukraine: 11. RU forces once again commit suicide with armour on the UA minefields nr #Vuhledar. #tweet100

@DylanBurns1776 He claims that Russia is loosing fewer soldiers than Ukraine attacking fortified position without success. Uses Macgregor as a source. Shows short bad taste clips making fun of Ukraine. He's definitely a a vatnik,but less silly than most. His video on Vuhledar an exception.

#UkraineRussiaWar In an Epic Battle of Tanks, #Russia Was Routed, Repeating Earlier Mistakes: A 3-week fight in the town of Vuhledar produced what #Ukrainian officials say was the BiGGesT Tank Battle of the war so far, stinging setback for the #Russians.

"Diary of a Russian officer captured near Vuhledar. March 1: 100 soldiers undertook an assault; 16 remained. March 3: out of 116 soldiers 23 remained. March 4: out of 103 soldiers 15 remained. March 5: out of 115 soldiers 3 remained" #Ukraine

“The Ukrainian president has said that the future of his country and its people is being decided in ongoing battles against Russian forces in eastern Ukraine for cities such as Avdiivka, Bakhmut and Vuhledar.”

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