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@TheRaven151140 @RnaudBertrand And what about the devious goings on of a certain Vladimir Putin. 7.000 + civilian deaths in Ukraine alone and thousands of Russian soldiers killed or injured but hey USA might have blown up Russian pipeline. Where was the common sense of the European countries that trusted Vlad?

@DenesTorteli @rogerwaters I don’t know why Roger doesn’t just ask russia that himself. russia are the aggressors and continuously firing missiles into Ukraine. Targeting civilians which their main propagandists agree they do. Rog have a chat with Vlad get him to stop his terrorism and agree to ceasefire

@nexta_tv Opportunities like stealing #Ukrainian toilets when/where possible since the 3rd world #Russian #terrorstate is incapable of providing basic amenities to it's population. Being embarrassed by #Ukraine is why Vlad had to invade since he can't have #Russians envying their neighbor.

@RichardKeppler1 @kali187 @Irritatedllama @Peston Budapest Treaty basically says; "If Ukraine gives us all the nukes we left there, we super promise to never ever invade them". Return the nukes! NATO expansion is a mistake solely because Vlad doesn't like thriving democracies next door. https://t.co/CoWW0fybls

@FriedrichMirle "Perception index"...? Let me share sth with you - east of river Odra the number pulled by SPD in coop with Vlad the Ukraine Impaler would be considered an outrageous act of corruption - no party would survive it, Parlimentary inquiry commissions would spring up and prosecutors

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