Uniparty - Ukraine Tweets

The Dem/Socialist Party, RINOs, UniParty MUST retain the Ukraine for their money laundering operation, their child trafficking channel, to hide their biological warfare labs and hide Pedo Joe and Hunter’s corruption.

@charliekirksass @kylenabecker I didn't save that article. He makes me sick, so I try to ignore him. Plenty out there on the money laundering (cough) aid Pedo continues to shill over to that 🤡 He getting paid well for his Biden Inc grift. The Uniparty has used Ukraine for decade. https://t.co/ZHVrZlVDCQ

Ukraine is a cash cow for the Uniparty and their family members to get extremely rich off our tax payer money.

Was the bill ONLY about insulin or were there other provisions that were more important to the nation than insulin? This is what the Uniparty does. They create these stupid little divisions to both divide and distract from real issues. Amy, stop supporting Nazis in Ukraine.

@CheapPickles @SandMan7554 Was a terrible person, same with individual Obama installed to act as puppet today I ❤️ our Country, same can't be said about the Uniparty who controls it Our politicians are no better than Putin, matter fact worse Saddam never built bio-weapon labs in Mexico as US in Ukraine

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