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As a small measure of respect, I propose that we allies of Ukraine adopt a phonetic name for their country that approximates — as closely as possible — what those courageous and singular people call themselves. For English, I propose “Ukrayina.”

🔥 Kadiivka. For the 4th time in 4 days. Now restaurant Ukrayina (Ukraine) has been targeted. The Russian military spent their nights in the basement there. They say that only one of them managed to survive, and he's in serious condition.

@eirik_the I Stand With The Ukrainians in This #RussianAggression...Let's Protect the this #UkraineRussiaWar. "Long Live Ukraine" " Khay zhyve Ukrayina"

#thereidout FYI - Ukraine has a site set up for fund raising so they can build their own suicide drones. What Russia is doing right out in the open is crimes against humanity. Khay zhyve Ukrayina!

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