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@BillyBaldwin I remember the two Ukranian aggressions by Russia have both involved Biden. One involved Obama, but neither have involved Trump. Giving Ukraine to Putin: Biden=2 Trump=0 Obama=1 You can look it up.

@RonFilipkowski The irony of to with your Ukranian flag in the bio, knowing full well that Obama/Biden overthrew the duly elected government in Ukraine in 2014v is just so rich.....

@johnrackham82 @AdamKinzinger Dems = Globalists = pro-Ukraine GOP/MAGA = Nationalists = pro-Russia Any Republican who flies a Ukranian flag is either ignorant, trying to get votes or is a RINO.

@DefenceU I can recite in Ukranian Language even though I am native of that country, but Yulia Timoshenko the so called Orange Revolution figure imprisoned by their own NAZI groups does not speak Ukranian. In fact when was Ukranian used in normal every day life in Ukraine?

@MassEnjoyer @RisenChow @rcssmedasmith @visegrad24 The persecuted Ukranian catholic fought Russian orthodox. It was our luck that Soviet collapsed, and Ukraine Nationalist took control that we got our churches back. The Russian orthodox without police enforcing their control had to retreated, and they are still angry about this.

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