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@UATV_en This is essential because Russia invaded Ukraine from Crimea and it is strategic in ensuring trade of goods and navigation through the Black Sea corridor. Crimea is Ukranian and was illegally seized by force by Russia. Ukraine's victory signals the end of the practice by Russia.

@Tulgaat @jkempcpa From the Russian perspective, Ukraine invading the breakaway republics od Donetsk and Luhansk was a national security threat. That does not mean Russia taking sides in the Ukranian civil war and invading was justified, nor that the US invading China to protect Taiwan would be.

This Ukranian teen invented a drone that can detect landmines. (World Economic Forum) #Ukraine #War @wef

@AleksandrX13 You are more than welcome, no thank you needed as I wish we could do more Your strength and the strength of Ukranian people have opened the worlds eyes to what it really means to fight for freedom and liberty. May the day come soon freedom rings again over free Ukraine! 🙏

@geraldbullvevo Vast majority of the former soviet Arms we got here were imported from Ukraine. I am almost positive that corrupt Ukranian bureaucrats were offloading their soviet war stock to 🇨🇦 importers. Donbass things happened in 2014 and these imports abruptly ended. Prices increased since.

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