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@oleksiireznikov @MalcolmNance @SecDef From an American god bless all the Ukrainians! Your in my thoughts on this Independence Day. Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦

@Reuters Ukraine should sign the peace agreements. More Ukrainians will die. Russia will still win. They are not asking much, just recognize Donbas, rid of Nazis such as Azov within your military, neutrality

@samvere_ @RWApodcast The productive and industrial parts of "Ukraine " are in the East, what's left of Western Ukraine at the end of the war I suspect the Russian sympathisers may move out anyway. The Ukrainians will soon get sick of dying for NATO.

@RnaudBertrand Winning is relative, the USA thinks they're winning in Ukraine while the country gets destroyed and thousands of Ukrainians get killed but that's a sacrifice the USA is willing to make; all other countries and their people are expendable...

Ukrainians taken captive by Russia say they were held in brutal conditions: 'Everyone was beaten' via @nbcnews #StandWithUkraine#StopRussia #StopPutinNOW

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