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@POTUS Mr. President of the USA, Joe Biden, the slower we act to deliver lethal weapons to Ukraine, the war will go in favor of Russia and many innocent Ukrainians will die defending the independence of their homeland.

I HAVE A QUESTION TO THE UKRAINIAN🇺🇦CITIZENS Can I ask u one Question did u speak out for 8 years the Ukrainians bombed shelled their own people killing thousand of innocent Ukrainians in DONBASS DID you speak out in Odessa where Ukraine NAZIS burnt people alive if u did GREAT

@Nickyc47212476 @NOELreports You know what I hate about you lots....? You sit in your comforts and declare your support for Ukraine on Twitter while real human beings (Ukrainians) are dying, then you come back and tell us Russians are loosing men. It is war, so people dying is no news

I just want to remind everyone that even if the war in #Ukraine ends tomorrow the path to recovery would just begin. The millions of Ukrainians would not be able to simply return home. Especially if their homes were destroyed by Russian bombs.

@andreliohn All lines are open between US and Russia regardless of media spin. The problem is that Putin wants to end Ukraine. Ukraine doesn't want to end, but free its country. Even if the US would refuse to supply weapons there still would be war since the Ukrainians wont give up.

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