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#Braking #Bakhmut We can visually confirm #WagnePMC is in control of Krasna Hora and it seems that the #UkrainianArmy has retreated behind the Railway Dam Fights reported at M03 junktion North-Bakhmut #AFU Video is days old 48.6487627422281, 37.98453731459223 #Ukraine #USA

@KyivIndependent I will continue to pray for #UkrainianArmy that they will defeat this evil #russian army God Bless #Ukraine

'Portugal has become the latest country to say it will send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine, Prime Minister António Costa said on Saturday' European nations are sending the Leopards they can. The US/@JoeBiden MUST greatly increase it's own pace. The #UkrainianArmy will learn quickly

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