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@LouisJMarinelli @AdamKinzinger Since Ukraine, as a nation, is older than Russia, other than by force and against Ukrainian's will, Russia has no claim to Ukrainian territory.

@GrandMoffOfMars @MarkMantis Classic MAGA: lie, gaslight, spin. No, 6% of US defense budget going to Europe's security is not "hurting Americans more" than Putin's genocidal bombing of Ukraine's cities, villages and vital infrastructure for a year has been hurting Ukrainian people.

@holosameryky Muscovy in 1471, this is what the #Nazi Russian Federation should look like in 2023! The Russian Federation has stolen land from Ukraine since 1920, committed genocide 3 times, the Holodomor of the Ukrainian people. Do you realize that the #Russian Federation must be destroyed?

we are rolling out season three premiere at @ukrainianspaces. and i am completely blown away but this powerful artwork created for us by @mariamposts — to inspire more Ukrainian voices to reclaim and decolonize Ukraine conversations. the future is bright. the future is Ukraine.

DeSantis: The Ukraine war is not a major national interest of the US has four major national interests: Border security; Strengthening the US military's combat power; Energy independence; Now more and more people have changed their views on the Ukrainian war. USA can you stop 🛑

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