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@KyivIndependent Ukraine is officially a comedian state. Ukrainian soldiers are being killed en-mass daily, large numbers of Ukrainian soldiers & foreign mercenaries taking as prisoners daily, 73%+ western donated weapons seized & destroyed by the BRAVE Russians. Zelensky is such a great coward

This is incredible footage too. Two #Ukrainian attack choppers circling #Russian artillery and mortar positions. Ukraine's pilots here are flying with impunity. Russian anti-air assets must be woefully poor #StopRussia #StopPutinNOW

@JulianRoepcke Yeah, he has. The Ukrainians are using Western weaponry to kill civilians in Donbass, a place they call it part of Ukraine. At one point you are a ruthless stup*d not asking yourself if the problem is Ukrainian or Putin.

Will Turkey detain Russian ship with Ukrainian grain … Ukraine sailors take over ship with new flag … it’s war you steal for me I can steal from you 👍

The Ukrainian army shelled the city of Stakhanov in the LPR. The strike was reportedly carried out by a Tochka-U missile from the Bakhmut area. #Ukraine#UkraineRussianWar #Stakhanov #LPR #UkraineRussia

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