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Ukraine has taken note of the report by the Human Rights Watch, which accused the Ukrainian Armed Forces of using banned land mines. The report will be properly analyzed by the Ukrainian institutions involved, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine reported.

Ukrainian helicopters destroy Russian military positions with a rain of missiles #Canada #Germany #America #Ukraine #Bakhmut

@bayraktar_1love “This is a perfect example of escalatory Ukrainian behavior. It’s damn rude not to sit back and let your citizens be bombed into the ground. It’s why we condemn the transfer of jets to Ukraine and must count our tanks again before sending” -Herr Scholz when asked to comment

Ukraine’s tanks will achieve little without modern fighter jets Long-term, jets will be vital to produce the unrelenting momentum that will kick Russian forces out of Ukrainian territory

@SecBlinken @yairlapid "The United States is the main initiator and the main driving force of the Ukrainian crisis, they continuously supply heavy and offensive weapons to Ukraine, prolonging the conflict and making it more intense," she said.

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