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@JGuy30 Get rid of Ukraine's flag from your handle. People were killed. No need to bring in petty hyper-divisive partisanship for your political benefit.

@anders_aslund did you not tell us the Ukraine's forces was to hold this city as it was on higher ground... did you use the same advice as king karl used at poltava... better say no one beats russia in conventional war if you are prepared to lose 25 million people ww2 there your answer

@zmajdragacevac @SimonHButler @KyivIndependent It’s already a done deal. They are upgrading their hardware to NATO standards as we speak. Training their military inside NATO right now. They have full support of NATO members. After Ukraine's won the war they’ll be NATO. Meanwhile russia will be North Korea. 🤷‍♂️ #WeAreNAFO

Yeah, I knew Ukraine's fate was doomed when I saw Pronoun Twitter spamming their flag everywhere

@ChristopherJM Nothing the west does will turn the tide Ukraine's favor

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