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@MountainSunshi1 I’m not a member of the battalion no, I’m Ukrainian. I say we because Azov formed on the belief that Ukraine is a nation with its own language, culture and traditions that needs to be protected from Russian aggression. So they stand for us.

@RussianEmbassy @mfa_russia @RusembUkraine @BBCWorld @SkyNews @REESOxford @ForeignAffairs @mission_russian @POLITICOEurope @guardian @UNHumanRights To prevent more Russophobia, you should withdraw your army from Ukraine and stop bombing civilians.

As Ukraine’s top diplomat began a 10-day tour across Africa this week, he said he would attempt to “better explain Ukraine” to his African counterparts, and why Ukraine needs them against Russia’s aggression.

@UriahGnu @peterdaou What's your connection to Ukraine besides being apart of a subreddit community? Genuinely curious why you're defending Ukraine so much.

@SteveTownsend0 @HamWa07 Yeah, but the truth matters. Drawing distinctions matter. Low resolution mob accusations & conspiracist hysteria give you a culture like Russia has. Is that what we want? Is that what Ukraine wants?

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