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@thrussophile2 Slava..Slava(e) HMM.. Yup, we all know what America did back then to Africa. Seems like Ukraine is next. 🤦🏻‍♂️😅😂

@mail_american If we were celebrating Ukraine, there would be fireworks 24/7. He doesn't care about America unless it fills his and his sons pockets.

@DavidSavage63 @michellegrattan @ConversationEDU Ukraine is sacrificed, slaughtered and overrun by USA/NATO plan to expand towards Russia and China.

Ukrainian war I don't fathom how any Kremlin person in his right mind could even dream of that their murderous doings in Ukraine could impress any of the world's community! And it doesn't depend on what aome nations "say" but what's Ingrained in their minds about the RF!

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