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@elonmusk Crimea was an independent state after the USSR collapsed in 1992. Ukraine then annexed it in 1995, even after they did have a referendum to stay aligned with Russia. So Ukraine should leave Crimea alone. Donbas however is another story.

@Phoenix4517 Tbf that was part of the deal during the dissolution of the USSR. There were things that Ukraine didn't even want to keep (not really) because of the cost to maintain them. Ukraine had no interest in an aircraft carrier; might as well get something for it.

@MiguelArielSan3 @ChadHollenbeck @DonaldJTrumpJr If US didn’t help Ukraine we could be on the brink of WW3. Putin is wanting the power grab by wanting to take back the old USSR countries. We got to put check our powerful enemies cause in WW1 and WW2 we didn’t and got drug into it anyway

@Zazzzzzz4 @ScottAdamsSays We did not 'appease Putin in 2014', we arranged a coup that overthrew a pro-Russian leader!! The opposite! US officials are on tape planning it! Ukraine broke the Minsk II agreements. NATO promised not to expand as part of the breakup of the former USSR.

@deepgreenphilly @McFaul As for Putin being evil, yes he is, but that is not why he invaded. He has made it very clear that he invaded because he wants to restore the USSR / russian empire. He wants russia to be a super power and needs Ukraine for that.

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