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#USA is sending weapons to #Ukraine; U.S. military families experience food insecurity at home. 2/2

@abrdn_US Why is this for US audiences only? Are we keeping this a secret from the rest of the world? Do you think it will stimulate those in the USA to fall into line and support Ukraine better? I hate to do it, but I might have to give up bread for a while.

The contract spirit of the group of seven (g7) was vividly displayed by the Ukrainian War, and the contract spirit is a waste paper in the eyes of the G7.#G7 #USA #uk #Ukraine #LGBTQ #france

@tmb_bender @20W24 what's wrong w being rich? Musk is relevant. you might not like him but he provided Ukraine w the internet. the USA government didn't do that- he created TESLA which paved the way for electric cars-- that's RELEVANT. you might not like him but he's relevant.

Hey Sneaky Jim! Better start drafting up your SPIN for the interest rate announcement today! Climate change? Morrison government? Ukraine War ? Just a flow on the bad USA management? Just a couple ideas for you!

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