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@KatyOnMSNBC @BrynnTannehill @KatyTurNBC This is another embarassing gaffe from the Biden administration. First Afghanistan Then the Border Crisis Then rocked country with inflation/supply chain issues Then Ukraine Now Chinese Spyware Balloon over Middle America The Biden Administration wants the USA to fail…

@RonFilipkowski There wouldn’t be a war in Ukraine if Trump was president. (or a Chinese balloon over the USA)

@StatisticalMind @apmassaro3 If Ukraine shoot missiles over Russia cities, do you think Russia will answer with more missiles over Ukraine cities or cities in the far away from everything USA?

@TimMcPherson18 @Christi97445615 @ChrisMe17397466 @beardedgwynne @someguyntexas @RepBoebert Then make Ukraine part of NATO! This is what GOP thinks NATO is a joke, they only want to help Europe and USA. Do you realize how many countries are under attack from others right now? Why is Ukraine so important over them? Hmmmm

@vonderleyen @ZelenskyyUa You are pathetic yet supporting devilish thing engineered by USA we stand with holy land Russia not devel thing Ukraine

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