US - Ukraine Tweets

@RT_com US and West are acting like pussies right now. Not letting Ukraine join NATO but providing weapons even knowing they will lose just to escalate situation...

Christoforou's clown world US VP Kam Harris celebrates US / NK alliance Germany is Ukraine command center. Ramstein Wiesbaden. US took over Germany in 1945, except East - young Putin managed.. so let' go Br.. TurkStream sabotage fears. Woke army better.

@USEmbassyAddis @StateDeptSpox US 🇺🇸 is supporting the genocidal regime of Ethiopia and Eritrea. US is selective and biased.If #tigray would have gotten a fraction of #Ukraine support, Tigray genocide could have been preventable.

@dbessner US / the Ukraine could be even likelier suspects, given their motive to prevent Germany / EU from lifting sanctions against Russia. US / the Ukraine military operating underwater drones have also been placed at the scene recently:

@TulsiGabbard A Saudi Arabian militia + few Egyptian Muslim Bro'hood invaded US - killed 3000. Russia invaded Ukraine - killed many thousands. US invaded Iraq - killed up to a million. Trump Inc invaded US - killed 1 million Americans by halting normal pandemic response. What's the diff?

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