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@mxvnsn Try ascertaining the facts. The court, we're told, will be dependent on UNSC or UNGA backing. Very far from certain. Can be no permanent confiscation of the Russian central bank assets we're told. Only set-up of active management of liquid assets to generate profits for Ukraine.

We the People do not want the kind of win that do Demilitarization of both Militaries. That's a lot of Military lives sacrificed to armed mutual destruction of both. Maybe China likes it but not the Moral Conscience of Humanity Russia go home as UNGA requested. Ukraine stay put.

UNGA ratified Ukraine's Territory integrity, UNGA also called in Russia's withdrawal..let UNGA answer to Russia's demands to protect the Regions and its people..by sending in Peace-Keepers to do the job so Russia breadwinners can go home and declare Liberation mission completed.

@Spooky_si2 @Littebigbear @umedablack @IonRod @viktorteichman @Biz_Ukraine_Mag No matter what Yugoslavia did (trumped up charges), international law requires a consensus of the UNSC and UNGA - neither of which was given. The bombing and balkanisation of Yugoslavia were illegal, but Ukraine is where you draw the line. Typical NAFO inclination.

So called Russia Liberation mission need not be on conditions of keeping perpetual occupation forces shedding families breadwinners blood comingling with shameful criminal outlaws of war crimes against Ukraine?If they can hand over to UNGA to keep peace,mission has been completed

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