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The United States, the EU, and G7 are already shunning and banning Russia’s oil in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. But the West has failed to limit the most significant contribution to Vladimir Putin’s war chest—oil revenues.     The U.S. an… https://t.co/GlKmZFUri9

#USA is sending weapons to #Ukraine; U.S. military families experience food insecurity at home. 2/2 https://t.co/cCVP8gbedX

Russia knows we’re in Ukraine, and there is no point of demarcation at which Russia can plausibly counter this presence without directly attacking the U.S. or its allies. Read more from @todlindberg 👉 https://t.co/yoy92VvmRY #Ukraine #Russia #UnitedStates

@jaketapper What are we saying here? That if it was LeBron the U.S. would not arm or support Ukraine? Would not take a stand against a mass genocide perpetrated by Russia to cut a deal to get him back?

@JoJoFromJerz Think…Nazi Germany or more recently, Ukraine. The sad reality of humans is that there are some who believe they deserve “power” or want more power. In the unlikely event someone ever tried to invade the U.S. with a military, what would you want to have to defend yourself?

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