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@elonmusk @Kasparov63 Didn’t the US give you money for the Starlink services? “…the U.S. federal government is in fact paying millions of dollars for a significant portion of the equipment and for the transportation costs to get it to Ukraine.” https://t.co/WOtiOQiRRL

STOP giving money to Ukraine! They are not saints or poor victims of war. We have enough issues here in the U.S. that money could help with.

2014, when the U.S. engineered a coup in Ukraine, bringing into power neo-Nazi elements, and Russia protested this coup on its western border, Washington mocked such concerns. Every time Russia has complained the U.S. has dismissed them as inconsequential.👇

Beebe — Musk appears to grasp what the Biden admin. doesn't: Putin isn't following the script we've written for him in Ukraine, where a calculation of costs & benefits leads him to back away from a confrontation with the U.S. and NATO that he cannot win. https://t.co/249WYUI7Mo

U.S. sending billions of dollars to aid Ukraine meanwhile their placing bids for the World Cup lol

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