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@Michael52983436 Something's wrong. Less than 3 minutes after posting something negative about Ukraine I got hit with a time out alleging I'd exceeded the 2,400 tweets per day threshold. I just got on Twitter last month and don't think I'm even close to 2k tweets TOTAL!

Honest question. Did anyone know that Twitter has limits on number of Tweets? Apparently they do and even though the limit is sky-high the bylaws can be applied as a form of restriction if you go against the grain. Anything anti Ukraine gets you restricted.

@nbeast17 I didn’t join Twitter midway into Russia’s invasion of yet another peaceful country. Ukraine is my home and you are my enemy.

@seweryn_szyda @GoetixClothing @AZgeopolitics There are over 20000 NAFO trolls (crowd sourced propagandists) on Twitter and 90% of the bots tweeting on this conflict are pro Ukraine. Shut up already about Russian propaganda, Russian media is blocked in Europe and social media.

@trevoraaronson @theintercept Did your boss Intercept owner Pierre Omidyar set up the Centre for United Action In Kiev to facilitate the USA’s takeover of Ukraine? Like Musk took over Twitter for the right wing? (And hired Taiibi to help)

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