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@Ak1nc1Turk1071 haha Americans will do everything to test nerves of Turkiye but we know it's not gonna end well it was Turkiye which actually helped Zelensky take back Ukraine on the other hand do you think it was difficult for Putin to invade ukraine? 1Shame shame back stabber westerners.

@AZmilitary1 And its usefulness will soon come to a close if Ukraine becomes a full NATO member. Before that, Turkiye may block Sweden and Finland’s respective membership if they failed to comply to Ankara’s demands

@Konflikt_Sicher #Russian nuclear attack to #Ukraine this could be the answer from #Mediterranean sea by #bosporus #Turkiye 🇹🇷 #NATO

@for_ukriane @AAsimos2017 @ragipsoylu No, Turkiye sent its best weapons to Ukraine as all the world knows. Turkiye hasn't been in the side of Russia since the beginning of the war. Also, It is also beneficial for the West that there is a mediator country for the issue. Nazi thing pure lie. No place called kurdistan.

@ANCA_DC @POTUS @JoeBiden @StateDept @SecBlinken OMG! Is this Ukraine? No, this is Armenia!! And it’s happening today, as @POTUS @StateDept @UN @SecBlinken do absolutely nothing because they are in bed prostituting themselves to Turkiye and their genocidal nature so they can get some barrels of oil. You are all disgusting!

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