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@business Turkiye, friend of Russia and Ukraine is the only country trying to bring peace. Turkiye's grain diplomacy is working. Europe should reject arms suppliers' agenda and work hard for peace . Russia and Ukraine.

How is Turkiye balancing relations with Russia and Ukraine as they fight https://t.co/hYhwWdPTGh

By its geographical situation Turkiye has coast lines with the Black Sea,the Mediterranean and Aeagean Seas and shares maritime borders with Russia and NATO States. The war in Ukraine can escalate to NATO and Turkiye. Russia to stop the war for the security of all the states

@Gagy19651 @williams_mrs1 @viidinki @Podolyak_M @DefenceFinland Each country deserves their own freedom and independence including Serbia, Ukraine, and Taiwan. If you think Ukraine belongs to USSR then you must also believe Serbia belongs to Turkiye because of the Ottoman Empire.

The @UN Sec Gen, @antonioguterres will come to #Ukraine on Thursday to meet @ZelenskyyUa and #Turkiye President Erdogan. They'll meet in #Lviv and then #Odesa on Friday to discuss nuclear power concerns, grain export and "the search for a political solution to the war."

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