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Turkish politician criticizes Western plans to export grain from Ukraine https://t.co/FICX0iK2CQ https://t.co/Umcvzk9HgD

@whitefragility4 @patelchief @BloombergLive @elonmusk @Twitter It has privacy, vs. snooping by gov and cellcarriers The starlink is useful for next generation war field where cell towers, fiber cables will be destroyed & cutting off communication. Ukraine war showed how Russian tanks were destroyed using Turkish drones operating on starlink

@JacekKloskowski @VictoriaPopsue2 @TomCybertom @Sihle_Majolah @Africa_Archives Ukraine refused Russian and Turkish help because they were afraid of demining and exposing it to Russian attack. Ukraine mined the port and some mines drifted to Turkey, sure not Russia who have ships in black sea will mine their own damn ships for shit and giggles

Talks between #Russia, #Ukraine, #Turkey, and #UN officials on exporting #grain from blocked Ukrainian ports may take place in Istanbul next week, the Turkish newspaper Milliyet reported, citing sources close to the Turkish president. #UkraineWar Source: https://t.co/VrhMwbiTEN

A Turkish military delegation will visit Moscow this week to discuss establishing a corridor for Ukrainian grain. A possible quadripartite meeting between Turkey, Ukraine, Russia and the UN is expected next week to reach an agreement. Obviously, grain theft will not be discussed.

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