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The Turkish company Baykar — the manufacturer of Bayraktar strike drones — has already registered in Ukraine and purchased a land plot for construction. https://t.co/g4W8th2Ud9

You fool! They’re Armenians from Syria nothing to do with the government of Armenia. They’re against Turkish forces in Syria you corrupted inhumane propagandist. Azerbaijan and Russia have signed a Treaty of Alliance a day before Ukraine’s invasion. Helping Russia! 🤐 https://t.co/iNThUIUMEw

🇹🇷🇺🇦 The Turkish company Baykar will build a plant for the production of Bayraktar drones in Ukraine and has already created a legal entity in Ukraine and acquired a plot of land - Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar in an interview with RBC-Ukraine.

The Ambassador of Ukraine to Turkey, Vasyl Bodnar, stated that the Turkish company “Baykar” will build a factory for the production of “Bayraktar” attack drones in Ukraine, as agreed.

@rudykruger @AZmilitary1 @alan_alannlane Thank you. You hit the nail on the head. I did not know this. https://t.co/FjWwz0S7iA So much to learn. I remember the failed Turkish coup. Things are starting to make a lot more sense. Ukraine & Covid & Trump started the light shining in some bad places.

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