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@ClaireFosterPHD Goodness sakes alive. That isn't even a picture of Ukraine. That is Turkey.

@LvivTyler Yes it is a Russian city, but Vladivostok is Korean and some other big parts belong to: Mongolia, China, Turkey (including Crimea), Iran (Caucasus),… I am against US hegemony and CIA puppet regime in Ukraine, but condemning the extreme nationalism that we are watching in Russia

@ClaireFosterPHD So, Biden is sending money to Turkey, having mistaken it for Ukraine? Would not surprise me, at all 🤡

Ukraine's First Lady meets heroes of Mariupol and their families as they are reunited in Turkey after being released by Russia in prisoner exchange https://t.co/kBquN8LNlK

@DixonCox12 INDIVIDUAL ONE would have handed Ukraine to putin like a trussed turkey.

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