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@JSchanzer Why do you think he would do that? Personal animosity? Something to do with Turkey Syria potential incursion and thus needs Iran on board to prop Assad, while busy in Ukraine?

At a conference in Lugano on the restoration of Ukraine, Prime Minister Shmygal presented a map - which of the Europeans will restore what: ▪️ Italy - Rivne ▪️ Germany - Chernihiv ▪️ Canada - Sumy ▪️ USA and Turkey - Kharkiv ▪️ Czech Republic, Finland and Sweden - Lugansk Etc... https://t.co/4bPj3LmgSZ

@KyivIndependent If people think Turkey is helping to transport grain from Ukraine, that person must be totally blind! Turkey is making money with Ukrainian grain! And helping Russia

@MrHarryCole I think it was more to do with Russia invading Ukraine and Turkey dropping their veto than anything the tories did, you silly boy.

@Levi_godman @PelmeniPusha they knew how to use it, but MoD not gonna pass those thing to them cuz MoD had a Agreement with Turkey and Israel in the past few years, but the situation rn is totally diferent cuz Turkey Openly Keep sending TB2 to Ukraine so maybe they can have it now.

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