Trump - Ukraine Tweets

@KaneFernau @FoxNews This war is about Ukraine territorial integrity and survival & 99% of Ukrainians support it. No Ukrainian give sh.. whether some dumb Trump supporters call it “proxy” For them it is patriotic war. Ask Ukrainians how fking “proxy” it is for them when their kids are dying.

WE ALL KNOW WHAT SIDE YOU ARE ON TRUMP! PUTIN OWNS YOU TRUMP - IMHO Trump Warns US 'Saying Exactly The Wrong Thing' On Russia-Ukraine War: 'We'll End Up In World War 3'

@mikepompeo So inflation, shortages, Ukraine, energy...all back seat to the IRS which wouldn't do it's job under Trump.

Wow!China Russia & Ukraine. Imagine if this was Trump & his son. They'd be in Prison. All it takes is a (D) after your name & the DOJ, FBI, CIA, SM,cable news outlets, traditional media, academia & political pundits will scramble to defend your craven, depraved & greedy actions.

@robreiner UMMM maybe because they didn’t find crap like the Russian collusion. Everything they tried to catch Trump and the astronomical amounts of money wasted by the democrats, we see where the corruption is and i was a Democrat. Add to it waste for a corrupt Ukraine.

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