Trump - Ukraine Tweets

Mr. President Are you going to Ohio? Is the Border secure? Why do you blame Trump for all your Blunders? Why did you forget Afghanistan? Why did you give our weapons to the Taliban? Why are you giving our money to Ukraine? What are you doing about Fentanyl? Who's the BIG GUY?

@RonDeSantisFL protecting Russia over the best interests of the U.S, just like Russian "useful idiot" Trump did, guess Russia found another #GOP to do their bidding against U.S. #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy #DefeatRussia #DefendDemocracy in U.S & Worldwide! U.S. #StandsWithUkraine⬇️

@NEWSMAX He would end it, he would sell Ukraine to Putin like he did Afghanistan to the Taliban Here’s @mikepompeo confirming the sale of #Afghanistan, sorry ‘understanding’, to it’s new owner, with a lot of help from @Trump of course. @realDonald Trump knew al-Qaeda were…

@AntonioSabatoJr All of those years of attacking Trump and his family, this guy has to be kidding. And the Biden investigations are legitimately concerning. We know it's factual that be took money from Ukraine and China.

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