Trump - Ukraine Tweets

@POTUS Gas was twice as expensive then when Trump was in office before Putin invaded Ukraine! To blame this on Russia is completely crazy!!!

@patfkauffman Surrender in Afghanistan and War in his, Quid Pro Quo Ukraine! Biden earns $20 million a week! Quid Pro Quo! You know? What they tried to impeach Trump for!

@JacobChapman247 @briannalyman2 Most people who think Trump is the answer to our problems and blame Biden for the economic problems do have some tweaked viewpoints of this. Here is yours. Why on earth would the UN not accept Ukraine into their group if they just wanted power? They are not crashing economies.

@tedcruz Telling you didn’t mention the tyrant in Russia who is trying to end freedom in Ukraine. But Trump and his cult never could condemn Putin. And we know why.

@Jim_Jordan @elonmusk Hey remember when Trump threatened to withhold aid to Ukraine unless the latter provided dirt on Trump's political rival?

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