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Watching Fiona Hill describe what it was like to work in the Trump administration vs. for Obama and for some reason it just hit me that Comey announcing the reopening of the email probe is in the same category as (the attempted) getting Ukraine to announce an investigation

@markdreyfusQCMP Is this “missing” shipment of coal to #Ukraine worthy of a look-see by the #FederalICAC ? Along with our supply of fuel allegedly bought off Trump & hiding somewhere in the USA? What does @helenhainesindi think? #auspol #LNPCorruptionParty #auspol

- Nothing on ROE v Wade. - Nothing on Ukraine. - Nothing on trans rights. - Nothing on Trump. - Nothing on democracy. - Nothing on gun control. The Truth the JJ fans don't want you to know is that she's a religious conservative. "Queen of pop" L O L give me a break.

@Ladypatriot20 @DoctorHenryCT Gas prices are high globally, food shortages are being driven by many factors. Ukraine? We have no choice but to be financially involved. And since I'm alive our govt has always helped everyone but it's own citizens. And Trump was no better...

@ShakurStevenson The Ukraine invasion wouldn't have happened under Trump. As much as I dislike him, he didn't have the same attitude of the Establishment Politicians that America is the World's Police and he wouldn't have entertained that BS of Ukraine joining NATO

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