Trudeau - Ukraine Tweets

@TPBlue4 @Papi_B_Dubs If you stand with Ukraine then you are a supporter of Azov nazi battalion , under Trudeau dictatorship received training on a Canadian military base to fight for Ukraine. You are the nazi supporter cult .

@TrueNorthCentre @DougQuinney While that sounds great, what is his position on continuing to send $MILLIONS of Taxpayer borrowing to a corrupt Dictator in Ukraine, as well as Open Borders? We need to hear from him on these issues and whether he stands with Trudeau!

@PierrePoilievre You mean Trudeau wasting money on the Ukraine War. I should say laundering money in the Ukraine.

@charlesadler Not just Danny. The majority of her caucus is pro Putin. They have realized that is unpopular but 100% they are against helping Ukraine. If they win next election they will start attacking Trudeau for providing assistance to Ukraine. Bet on it.

@charlesadler Technically, if you support Ukrainian government, you're supporting corruption. Top to bottom, one of the most corrupt governments in the world..but liberals don't want to acknowledge that.. there's no democracy in Ukraine. Trudeau admires that

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