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@moderatelyraven @piola100 @Gaga7214 @anthonyzenkus @cher Of course Massive government orchestrated and enforced shutdowns lowered supply Mandates reduced labor And the Ukraine War drove up cost All by a Congress that spends trillions it doesn't have causing inflation Interest rates rise to combat inflation which reduces capital

@Bryan13571 @danbloom1 The US pulled our pants down and we've only just finished paying off those ww2 loans. Are we loaning Ukraine the money? I don't think so. The UK is trillions in debt. We have a massive cost of living crisis and can't afford to pay our hospital staff a decent salary 🤨

@ProPro17228873 @GetIndieNews @bigmadcrab How exactly is he speaking out his ass? Trillions having gone missing more than once in the last 25yrs, president didn’t admit to illegally occupying& stealing Syria oil? US didn’t set the ME on fire,start a proxy war in Ukraine,w/Nazis that’s my add, or US didn’t take out Nord?

@krisdjor The Republicans have always opposed Public Education funding way before this Russia invasion of Ukraine. They oppose any funding to help regular people at all. Yet, Republican always supports increase in defense spending. Where were you when were spending Trillions in Iraq?

@ForLifeLiberty1 Yep, I recall he never mentioned the Trillions going to Ukraine. Nor all the money the Dems got from the FTX ponzi scheme.

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