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Perhaps the next move could be a push towards Tokmak. It would cut the railway and give Ukraine total coverage of all roads on the south. Russian ability to supply Crimea would be severely impacted having to rely on crippled Kerch Strait Bridge and maybe ferries?

#Fellas, I recently met this lady who lives in Tokmak in eastern #Ukraine. She & her family appear to be stuck in danger. She's asking for assistance evacuating to #Poland immediately. Let's find some leads who can offer or refer meaningful help. Please retweet! #NAFO 🇺🇸❤🇺🇦

Russian forces continue to move significant amounts of forces to #Melitopol area whilst building extensive fortifications. The main troop movement is from #Kherson direction east towards Melitopol and inbetween #Tokmak. #thefallofputin #Ukraine #getputin #thefallofrussia

UA forces have launched a counteroffensive in #Zaporizhzhya region… #Tokmak and #Melitopol get ready to become free again. #Ukraine #ukrainecounteroffensive #UkraineUnderAttack

@Matzan481_ @eigenrobot The only thing we can be sure of is that whatever Ukraine does, it will be bad for Russia. My impression is that RF is pulling back from Tokmak. I like that as a target.

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