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🇷🇺 #RussellBentley "Texas" reports from Donbass what's happening in the newly recognized DPR & LPR. The war crimes being committed there, the human right violations not being reported by MSM! (10/5/22) https://t.co/5rdmGrVMXA #Russia #Ukraine #Donetsk #Donbass #Referendums

@TabiCo78 @ChrisGalloway84 @WonkBalrog @realDonJTru1 heating assistance? did you miss last year when hundreds in Florida and Texas died due to winter storms? thats for them, and their politicians denied it also google the lend lease, Ukraine is paying everything back that we've sent

@PamelaHensley22 Why don’t you give Texas back to Mexico? Ukraine was attacked FFS they are only defending their land!

@kenklippenstein @chrislhayes @JamesRisen1 Think: Ukraine (roughly the size of Texas alone), part of the former USSR, has been an independent country since 1991. This obviously wouldn't be the case if (nuclear superpower) Russia wanted ownership of Ukraine.

@bigpic222 @4cats412 @PamelaHensley22 Because the property is owned by Ukraine! If those people want to be in Russia, move to Russia. That’d be like saying “if the people of Texas want to be Mexican….” Ok, move to Mexico, the land is American!

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