Texas - Ukraine Tweets

@qrspWUTANG @rawsalerts The only difference is that Texas can deliver, Ukraine not so sure.

@scotthortonshow Ukraine has been a Russian territory multiple times in the past, as recently as 1991. Read some history... and you live in a country rich with "territory disputes" as well, so stop throwing stones unless you're willing to give Texas back to Mexico or all to native Americans...

@JohnCornyn Please explain to all of your constituents here in Texas why you & the other fools in Congress are giving our money to Ukraine. I could care less what happens to Ukraine. We want the border invasion stopped! Now!

@RonnyJacksonTX You're from Texas, so I can see how bad yours is. BTW I'm betting you would want to pull out of Ukraine, Right ?

@marklevinshow What you think happens if Alaska Texas or Florida breaks away from the US with a goodwill relationship towards authoritarian countries? Same thing as Russia's doing with Ukraine for setting up an enemy state next door.

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