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@Gerashchenko_en Oh dear we thought Ukraine was our land so we didn’t do anything wrong we just sent our army in to kill a few people and everybody would be grateful. They speak Russian so they belong to us ! We are so compassionate! No you lying cow you are murderers Terrorists. Bullies.

But @Pontifex The crazed & rabid #psychopathic #Terrorists in & of #Ukraine aren't #Russian and they are neither #Chechens nor #Buryati but they are from #Ukraine & are clearly #Ukrazed https://t.co/mqh6AGjNbQ

@Lacus09 @NatashaBertrand @kileycnn How can be Democracy if the Obama/Biden overthrow Ukraine government in 2014 by funding $6 million to those Terrorists Neo-Nazis with assistance CIA$. 🙃

Iranians Training Russia on 'Suicide' Drones Killed in Crimea, Says Ukraine You shouldn’t help Terrorists, said the Ukraines https://t.co/vW8toDa4bp

@CFwOB5QzjUiURWd @SteveRae11 @KyivIndependent We all see the daily war crimes your country commits, murdering children, raping women, destroying hospitals, schools, apartment blocks. Rabid lunatics on Russian TV calling for even worse. Do you think you're going to be welcome in Ukraine or Europe in your lifetime? Terrorists

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