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For instance, "China, PRC," and "Beijing" are mentioned 60 times. "Russia" and "Moscow" 75. "NATO" 17. "Ukraine" 32. "Europe" 35. "Indo-Pacific" 32. Meanwhile, "Iran" and "Tehran" only 8, "Middle East" 11, and "Israel" 4. This is problematic. (2/)

There is no evidence that Tehran intends to develop nuclear weapons, reviewing its participation in NPT – Russian Foreign Ministry #Ainvest #Ainvest_Wire #Ukraine #RussiaInvadedUkraine #military View more: https://t.co/lTXh1dzMi0 https://t.co/UZYV2qoq6t

"The Biden administration has imposed new sanctions on Tehran and expressed support for protesters, as the Iranian government aids Russia in the Ukraine war and continues nuclear enrichment" https://t.co/fgd96oMrFD

@CityBureaucrat Mostly they got what they wanted. Theyre now freely walking around, at least in Tehran, with their hair uncovered unmolested. Because the government is now dealing with several minority separatist movements (like LPR and DPR in Ukraine) and hoping to avoid more aryan unrest.

🇬🇧🇺🇸🇺🇦🇪🇺😀 Ukraine Territory Defence Forces 11pm 28th November 2022 Tehran which has expanded the protest to 277 cities in Iran 30,000 people Arrested & over 660 people killed. 549 names have been published or the Inicents of China Fight for Freedom & Democracy

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