Taliban - Ukraine Tweets

@JoJoFromJerz Exhibit 1 - Russian invasion of Ukraine Exhibit 2 - Taliban battled US Military with AK47s and bombs made of urine for 20 years. Despite all of the military’s equipment

@MikeFusco16 @Neener007 @stltoday Biden surrendered bases and $80 billion worth of weapons to the Taliban in Afghanistan after he ordered his U.S. military surrender. Now Biden surrenders eastern Ukraine to Putin. Biden's next surrender will be Taiwan. The Chinese might even take it without firing a shot. https://t.co/Z83a3A1EPY

@POTUS Bro you gave up billions of dollars worth of guns and weapons to the Taliban and now we have inflation for your cash cow Ukraine.

@radeksikorski Considering the size of US that's bugger all really. Had US not left their weapons in Afghanistan unattended so they got pinched by the taliban you could of really helped Ukraine.

@POTUS Your poll numbers are on life support. Russia will soon control Ukraine just Like the Taliban in Afghanistan. Gas / inflation ## are awful. Shortages and supply chain mismanagement. All this and more and you haven't fired anyone yet? Proof you can't manage nor lead.

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