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Taiwan bristles over China's aggression, emboldened by Russia's invasion of Ukraine https://t.co/mwf98Iiy3V

Iran is the only country that has not invaded any nation ... Iran is the best option for the earth empire ... of course with our thoughts Russia to Ukraine,China to Taiwan..USA to so much country's

Hey @StateDept @DeptofDefense while China plans invasion of Taiwan, and Russia rolls through Ukraine, we are getting our Military trained up on proper pronouns ! Is strengthening Wokness better than training to defend our country ??

@JustinTrudeau @AnitaAnandMP It's about time big J... Taiwan and Ukraine should be recognized world wide as their own sovereign countries. This New World Order is not good for climate change. https://t.co/JfunIWCrsN

@ggentryjr @RepAndyBiggsAZ Oh please. Putin attacked Ukraine because Putin. If you think otherwise, you don't know anything useful. China and Taiwan have always been at odds. It's not like we don't put ships in the area for our share of chest puffing. Time to get your head out of your rear.

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