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Have The U.S. Military replenished our inventory of ALL the weapons already sent to Ukraine? We promised arms to Taiwan to defend itself. It’s slated for 2028. Those weapons will be in the hands of the Chinese Government. Austin/Milley, Dumb & Dumber .

@Putindoge @blackintheempir So there's many sources as to the history of Taiwan. They also believe they are independent. Many nations agree. That is to which I refer. As for Ukraine, I absolutely believe, though can't be certain they are a propped up regime supported by most of the entrenched US politicians

@ABC No balanced news by media. Why do you suppose vote was 50-50? Because the bad Republicans correctly identify bill as raising my taxes, pushing electric cars that are unaffordable. Biden postures w no solutions to Ukraine, Taiwan! And our energy policy shambles.

Roger Waters rips 'war criminal' Biden over Ukraine, declares 'Taiwan is part of China,' lauds Russia for 'almost' winning World War II https://t.co/lSkVBvdQzX

@notatarn @totosha_06 @gwen_m01 @JonMaloy @AgnesCallamard @amnesty I'm comparing them because liberals support Taiwan despite not supporting Crimea. The war in Donbas followed the separation of Crimea, yes. You know what the separation of Crimea followed? The right wing coup that replaced the democratically elected government of Ukraine in 2014.

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