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@MikeFusco16 @Neener007 @stltoday I surrender all points like Biden in Vietnam, Afghanistan, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Keep firing all the ammo you got. My strategy is surrender, surrender, surrender just like S#!T show Joe Biden. Instead of expect no quarter our moto is expect no fight.

@pravda_eng #China #ChinaLockdownThread #Taiwan #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar If I was a Chinese person and held any assets what so ever in Canada (or Australia), especially real estate, I would sell them immediately before they are confiscated over Taiwan. 100% going to happen. SELL NOW.

It is stupid logic that Russia attack Ukraine➡️ lead China to invadeTaiwan READ HISTORY JAPAN TOOK TAIWAN BY FORCE FROM CHINA 🙌 USA signed the ONE CHINA POLICY Now USA has taken a position to hold China at ransom People in China & Taiwan are Chinese people 100 miles apart 👏

China thinks that they will be welcomed as liberators in Taiwan, and that the top brass, military and civilian, will run. Just like Russia thought of Ukraine. Ukraine was basically indistinguishable from Russian only 30 years ago. CCP has never ruled over Taiwan

@SmoothCat @stonesshows @DianeL139 @ChristopherJM Hey "Big Daddy", how about you volunteer to go fight Biden's proxy war in Ukraine? After that be the first in line to signup for the next proxy "regime change" war with China & Taiwan. Weren't paying attention at all during the last 80 "regime change" hybrid wars?

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