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@jpnairn @ALeftistMoniker @Bram_R @insidioussamg @SocialistLorax @LiberalDanRadio @pseupseudio @hapamama80 @LeftwardSwing @cgrapski @JenD1974 @DireMakerBand @smenor @benigma2017 @WhatWouldJahDo @clintonrjean @POTUS @JoeBiden 1. Good news then, Biden ended the Afghanistan War and ended drone strikes. 2. Also, if you're against military imperialism then why do so many of you far leftists support Putin and China engaging in imperialism against Ukraine and Taiwan?

@GerberKawasaki Quite naturally, as Elon told you yesterday, he doesn't care about the share price. He does care about Crimea becoming part of Russia. Taiwan belonging to China. You can even actively consider Elon donated Starlink to Ukraine for PR reasons.

@DonaldJTrumpJr How about Ukraine is falling, China takes Taiwan, and all American bisness under Chinese chip production monopoly?🤡 All American high-tech and military goes to garbage bucket at one time. Cool yeah?👍

@HomeGrownMiss Similar to Ukraine, he said. So, does this mean China will annex Taiwan -- after we taxpayers buy a huge amount of weapons from our favorite companies, & shoot them around? Clarify please.

@namwella1961 They also fail to understand (or don't want to) how important Ukraine's independence is to the U.S. Putin would not stop there either. Also look at Moldova. Italy just elected a Fascist leader. China would love to take Taiwan. Everything is a giant chessboard tinderbox.

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