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@mhohn @jkempcpa Most of the specific stocks being sent to Ukraine are not the most relevant to a war in the Pacific - if the deciding factor in halting an invasion of Taiwan is a mass, multi-month tube artillery duel, something has gone horribly wrong. And a fair amount of the funds earmarked -

China will copy Russia and invade Taiwan if Putin gets any kind of win in Ukraine, NATO chief warns. #news #China https://t.co/gToEBEoeXi

@wallacemick If you haven't notice, there is a war going on right now! Illegal invasion by Russia over Ukraine. Putin must pay for what he has done. Agree? Your solution is just let China take over Taiwan & Russia take over Ukraine and sit back and do nothing? who is then next? at some point

US Insane to Fight Wars in Ukraine and Taiwan - Larry Johnson -Even more insane for Australia to tag along @SenatorWong @zdaniel @AlboMP We must come of age soon & start to think for ourselves!

@LindseyGrahamSC You’re comparing apples and oranges. Chinese claims of Taiwan is a completely different political can of worms. Also, not our business. Russia’s motivation to invade Ukraine is to keep NATO out. You warmongers are lying to us. It’s a dangerous path you idiots are taking us.

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