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@rjessing @teaholic3000 @DefensePolitics Even Syria doesn't draft old men and boys like Ukraine does.Damn man Ukraine looks worse and worse the more I read. Singapore has3 million people maybe 5 millionif that they were invaded by the British and Japanese.Ukraine is huge man. Ethnonationalist origins if Ukraine clearly.

@ColPod2644 @officialbarnesy Where did I say that? I said there are families in Syria with no way to come here who needed to get out, and we didn’t cater for them like we did for Ukraine.

@SenatorRomney When did we forget all about the cold war? They still have nuclear missiles pointed at our cities, unilaterally abandoning our arms limitation treaties, committed war crimes in Ukraine and Syria, and have launched unconventional attacks on the US. These are bad guys.

@BearstarRRs @HPiAnalytics59 @P_Gasiorowski @Trollstoy88 He kills or imprisons political rivals, bombed civilians deliberately in Syria and Ukraine, invaded Chechnya and Georgia. He had his goons try to assassinate Sergei Skripal in the UK, the failed attack caused UK casualties; hundreds of thousands dead from Ukr war.

@CShaw5457 @RedBlackPaws I am I’ve fought war before and I’m cool with it sink the whole fleet level all Russian airbases in Ukraine and Syria down any jet that try’s to respond

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