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@Frasier67Blank @ramonagusta @NicholasTyrone Well that depends on who you want to influence doesn’t it. Iran, Syria, N Korea, yes. Ukraine, maybe not so much.

The U.S. has dropped at least 337,000 bombs in the past 20 years and has bombed Syria for 5 years Yemen for 7 years Somalia for 15 years Iraq for 16 years Pakistan for 18 years Afghanistan for 21 years But now you care about Ukraine? Exactly when the media tells you to?

@tedcruz This from the party advocating abandoning Ukraine to Putin’s tender mercies. Like they abandoned Syria. Ted, who clearly knows nothing about diplomacy, runs off at the mouth, criticizing everything and offering solutions for nothing. But his new BFF wants to be a werewolf.

THE WORLD IS IN CHAOS YESTERDAY WE HAD: Riots in Belgium Riots in the Netherlands Riots in Germany Protests in China Protests in Iran Protests in Brazil Riots in Kazakhstan War in northern Syria War in northern Iraq War in Ukraine

@bayraktar_1love To support Assad and help him retain his power over that of the will of the people , Russia is not taking Syria from its people, backing one side over the other for self-interest. In the past Syria was a Russia base of military operations. You should Leave the Ukraine. no win

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