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@ZakZakUsagi I've vague memories of a report that casualties in Iraq could be as high as 250,000 but nobody will ever really know. Syria even more. Ukraine since 2014 will be past 50,000 and could be over 100,000+. When modern munitions meet flesh, the flesh yields..

It was easy to see Ukraine becoming a Syria situation; if it really was a progressive democracy backed by its own people, the MSM would be cheering on Russia.

@JSchanzer Why do you think he would do that? Personal animosity? Something to do with Turkey Syria potential incursion and thus needs Iran on board to prop Assad, while busy in Ukraine?

@Weinsteinlaw And now the US is funding, fuelling & arming death, destruction & despair in Ukraine. Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, Yemen & Vietnam were not enough for the neo-liberalists. US is a culture & international force of guns & death. If this is US "exceptionalism", I don't want it.

@Anna_Lena2022 You say democracy and justice...Does Putin mean by saying that democracy and justice are killing innocents and stealing wheat? Hmmm. He means that democracy is the substitution of countries like Syria and Ukraine. How are you a criminal of glory? Ukraine

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