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🇩🇪 #Germany #Schwerin am 11.03.2023 The German government supports #NATO's proxy war in #Ukraine, of course with the German people's tax money, but the German people come out on the weekends and demand peace, anti-NATO and anti-war slogans are heard #NoNATOnoWar #StopTheWar ☮️🙏🏿

Ireland should be a voice for peace and follow Sabina Higgins call for a ceasefire and peace talks. The longer the war goes on the more slaughter will occur with desperate people fleeing their homes. #EUFuellingWarInUkraine #StopTheWar

Mazepin is a very good example of sportsmen are NOT soldiers. "The EU Court ruled that Mazepin “is in no way involved in the aggression suffered by Ukraine and does not exercise any activity in economic sectors which provide a substantial source of income” to Russia." #stopthewar

#stopthewar #Ukraine Stop the war TO sender We have been unable to deliver your parcel please find this making its way back to you for tracking details please see #Opensea link Marked Return to sender

Even Ukraine people want the war to stop #StopTheWar

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