Stop - Ukraine Tweets

@WinSonics @Evans34635462 Stop adding pork especially money for Ukraine to bills.

@Pontifex @KremlinRussia_E Stop talking to evil. Good requires action and support. Support Ukraine

@Pontifex @ZelenskyyUa The pope is talking to the wrong president! Stop blaming #Ukraine for the war! #putler and #Russia invaded the sovereign territory of Ukraine! It’s the same as blaming the victim for being sexually assaulted! #RussiaIsATerroristState #StandWithUkraine

@i_ervice @KWillia27810352 @michaeldweiss Stop with what? We have seen a few incidents of this so far in Ukraine. This would be 4th I know of.

@aaronjmate Stop apologizing for Putin and genocide What needs to happen is we need to end Russia altogether and start calling it north eastern Ukraine

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