Stop - Ukraine Tweets

@SimbwaDavid @zansin098 @agent_of_change Stop making false claims. Ukraine didn't abuse the agreements, and the treaty was that Ukraine would give up the nuclear stockpile it had & Russia promised not to invade or use its weapons against Ukraine. Russia violated that treaty, not Ukraine.

@anydesk Stop your business in Russia. Stop supporting terrorism! With your taxes, you supply the military budgets of the aggressor and help Russia wage war against civilians in Ukraine 💛💙

@nadhimzahawi Stop trying to blame it on the war in Ukraine. Brexit and the money that you gave away to your mate's during covid has had an impact. European countries aren't in the mess that we are in. Your all a bunch of robbing, murdering gits.

@nadhimzahawi Stop sending aid to Ukraine. We as country can no longer afford. All other countries have a grip on their comedic energy suppliers. You’ve made good oil deals during short tenure.

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