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@AlexVoy12 @KonradCurze19 @makmadonn @ricwe123 @ohbabe111 Yes lmao. Stalin you fucking dolt. They just erected those statues in Ukraine too

@SpaghettiKozak @NicoG_Renko @nytimes NYT refuse to renounce Walter Duranty’s Pulitzer for his written work during the 1930’s & his denial of the Holodomor genocide in Ukraine. At least 7 million souls starved to death. Murderous Stalin lies 90 years ago. How can we trust them with what Ukraine is facing today?

@RobinApplebyMD Stalin seized food in Ukraine which led to millions starving (Holomodor) How is this any different?

@vik8867dn One lesson, however, is, not to be complacent: Stalin did eventually grab some Finnish land. We must not allow the same to happen to Ukraine!

@zedman9991 There's also the wrong view in my opinion of the assessment of Russia's strength and the stability of its society to support that. Putin is no Stalin or Peter the Great, Ukraine has survived many attempts for occupation and annihilation.

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