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@MarcusMarchess1 @apmassaro3 We’re already holding off sending weapons we promised to Taiwan-instead sending them to Ukraine. Former Soviet (now NATO states) also want U.S. weapons to backfill/replace weapons they’ve given to Ukraine while continuing to ensure the protection of their own borders.

“As young boys who had fled the Soviet Ukraine and arrived in the United States as refugees, the Statue of Liberty represent our family’s promising new life,” says Yevgeny Vindman. But, he argues, America’s refugee policies aren’t living up to its values.

@the_comms_guy @vcgrla2004 @AniaKoniec @its_all_sus Oh setting up an artillery shell production line is trivial? Then why hasn't Ukraine done it in the past eight years of civil war? Why are Western nations scouring the world trying to find Soviet caliber shells so as to give to the Ukrainians rather than setting up a line?

@stefanauer_hku @EUI_Schuman This war is about underming, destroying Ukraine's aspirations to get out the post soviet space. Escalation against Ukraine has already failed

@IvanKasanzew @noh8ohiokate @TomiLahren Well $40 billion was sent to make Ukraine a Totalitarian country! Bear in mind that the then Soviet Union, Britain, and the United States worked together to defeat Nazi Germany during World War I (1939-1945)

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