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@mtracey I was fortunate to travel to Soviet Russia and Soviet Ukraine in my youth, and it was wonderful. It changed my worldview. I would have described Russians I met as kind, curious, cultured, friendly, generous and genuinely interested in peace with the west.

@JockeM68 @MN70617171 @svtnyheter Please, google it(language issue in Ukraine). I said the first law after Maidan was a ban of 🇷🇺 language. The first law. Do you understand how need to hate, Joakim Magnusson? Crimea was transferred to the Soviet🇺🇦 along with the inhabitants, they were🇷🇺 speakers and not migrants.

One of a group of Cold War era US foreign policy advisors known as "The Wise Men," reknown diplomat & historian George Kennan, proponent of containment policy against Soviet expansion stated it was foolish to ever consider Ukraine as anything other but part of Russia.

@juliodyarzagar1 @StephenNorcal @Justadutchguy @medeabenjamin @UN Why do you think Russia wants to destroy the US? Okay they talk but when were you actually threatened ? The Nuland and co presence for decades in Eastern Europe aims at weakening Russia. The Soviet experience has left scars and the US are exploiting this. Dito Ukraine.

@ToddHagopian @David4Liberty @DoyougrokGary "Imagine, if instead of Ukraine, Russia invaded Armenia. With the genocidal suppression of Armenian language and culture, they decide to forcibly incorporate Armenia back into the Post Soviet empire. Would that hit closer to home? Armenians would resist. Just like Ukraine."

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