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@liberty_bell21 @ClutchSantana @CNN Really? Cause looking through your profile, I don't ANY concern for any of the other war torn parts of the world? No talking about the slaves in China or South America. No concern African countries perpetuating genocide? No, you only care about Ukraine because it's trendy

@RepMTG @RepDanCrenshaw So no war support for Ukraine but def war in mexico qnd south america 😂 do you have any idea how much money american makes on the illegal drug trade? You probably have access to that info

@ComradeStu Ah yes, stomp on the evil flag that represents the red army who sacrificed the most to rid Europe of Nazis sending them fleeing to countries like the US, Britain and South America. I guess I see who occupies Ukraine now.

Confirmation Morocco is linking up with Spain and Portugal to bid for the 2030 World Cup. Indicates Ukraine no longer part of it. Another bid floated from Saudi Arabia with Egypt and Greece. South America joint bid from Uruguay-Argentina-Chile-Paraguay

And Russia and Ukraine and Saudi Arabia and parts of Africa parts of South America probably Canada and Mexico did I miss anything?

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