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Ukraine has made huge inroads in the south and east.

IMAGE of Ukrainian Special Forces on a night mission possibly in the South of the country where they have been highly active behind Russian lines. #Putin #Ukraine #Russia #Ukrainewar #Putinswar

Russia Uses Iranian-Made Drones to Strike Military Base Deep Inside Ukraine The attack about 50 miles south of Kyiv highlights risks facing Ukraine, whose forces are advancing in the south and east Iranian-made Shahed-136 delta-wing drones @WSJ #UkraineWar #dkpol 1/2

Ukraine is moving fast to the South and East. It’s cowardly Communist fuckweeds that are running away. That allows the hero’s of Ukraines armed forces to advance.

Ukraine close to victory? Ukraine, winning ground south and east Pushing back 'gainst the foul Russian beast They're on the attack 'Gainst the Muscovite pack On victory, will they soon feast?

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