Snake Island - Ukraine Tweets

@DrJillStein Oh do Snake Island. Ukraine will fight as long as Ukraine has the will to fight. I guess US Greens are pro-genocide and anti people-defending-themselves-against-genocide

@willchamberlain Well, that makes two of you. Also, who’s we? Got a mouse in your pocket? @JoeBiden makes all those calls. Foreign policy is his exclusive domain. And he’s for a free Ukraine, including Crimea. Putin’s “Snake Island” nukelet scares nobody. Get over it.

It certainly worked for Ukraine on Snake Island.

to Ukraine! Anything less than that deserves no less than the response given to the Russian warship at Snake Island. Elon Musk & Putin, go F yourself!

@McFaul @JuliaDavisNews Things must be bad. For the first time in years @M_Simonyan has a new hairstyle. It looks very nice Margarita, it might distract some of your older gentlemen viewers. But your boss is still going to be defeated in Ukraine. Try and stop him nuking Snake Island on the way down.

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